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Dipping Removal Kit

SKU RK1000

Removal Kit to speed-up your removal time.

How to remove Acrylic Nails, Gel or Gel Nail Polish:
  • First - File the top coat on your nails.
  • This bowl is ideal for soaking-off - add warm water to the white bowl, and place 100% pure acetone in the clear upper bowl.
  • The manicure bowl helps to elevate and keep the temperature of the soaking solution to medium warm/hot and dissolve the products previously applied faster.
  • Contains: 1x Nail Bath, 100% Pure Acetone 250ml and Mani & Pedi Nail Pack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
So much easier than foil wrapping my fingers

These made removing all the acrylic off my nails a total breeze. So quick since you can add hot water to warm the acetone! Would never go back to tedious foil wrapping again!

John R.
Fabulous ❤️🎉 product

I love this kit it's gr8 i will be buying another as it's going 2save me on wasting acetone like i would in a regular bowl.... Thank you NSI

Penelope S.

Super easy to use and my nails look good after I removed the acrylics. Highly recommend

Brittany E.
Good removal

This is a great kit to make gel removal seriously easy!!

Elizabeth L.
Getting off my sns

Thanks my nails were getting too long, and now because of the dipping l have cut my nails. Thanks again.