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Brush Cleaner

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Brush Cleaner is used to clean the synthetic brushes and nylon brushes from colour stains.

Brush Cleaner is a powerful solvent.
It has been formulated to clean resistant colour stains and hardened material, clogging of brushes.

This solvent might help and be used for the removing of clogged brushes. Use with care.
It is NOT recommended to use this powerful solvent for the cleaning of Acrylic Kolinsky and Sable hairs brushes, as these types of hairs are often pure Kolinsky hairs and natural hairs, so they are delicate => they will dry out and spread quickly.

Think : You wouldn’t want to wash your own hair with a powerful detergent hey?!
Kolinsky hairs are natural hairs and they can dry out very easily and quickly with harsh solvents.

If the need of cleaning clogged material from brushes arises, Brush Cleaner can be used but with greater care.
Stay put and check your brush at all time. Do not leave your brush to soak unattended, or for too long.
Only soak the hairs of your brush for a short time, and check again, and repeat. Check of what’s happening with the brush hairs.
Place a small amount of Brush Cleaner into a dappen dish. Immerse the brush hairs into the liquid and apply firm pressure to spread the brush hairs. Rock from side to side to spot any clogging of any hardened material left into the hairs and push them gently out with an implement tool. Repeat this if needed and if the clogged materials are softened enough.

NOTE: Brushes that are of Pure Kolinsky Hairs and Sable Hairs must be cleaned ONLY with a NAIL LIQUID. The Brush Cleaner is too harsh on their soft delicate natural condition.

✅Remember:When your brush is too clogged and badly, it’s often too late!
Spend on a new good brush, this is your most important tool! Clean it ONLY with your nail liquid and take good care of your best tool.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Christine B.
NSI brush cleaner

This brush cleaner is awesome does the job well cleans all my brushes

Candice M.
Brush clean


Tina G.
Great Product

I have used the brush cleaner a few times now and its really great low scent and cleans like a charm my brushes are very clean and it doesnt cause fraying of them thanks NSI

Modesty T.
Thank you

This brush cleaner is amazing for cleaning my art brushes but I do wish there were bugger portions.

Carrie-Anne M.

Great product, affordable & works well