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Acrylic Dipping System - TOP COAT #4


#4 TOP COAT 12ml

This Top Coat is for the Acrylic Dipping System

#4 TOP COAT contains Adhesive ingredients.

Used with the dipping system, and the bottles #1 Primer, #2 Base Coat, #3 Activator, this #4 Top Coat and #5 Brush Saver.

Quick and easy beautiful nails DIY.

For natural nails and extension nails with the Acrylic Dipping System.

Here are some ACRYLIC POWDERS.

🚩💡Important tips: Do not leave your bottle opened too long, do not leave your brush-on-cap outside their respective bottle too long or the adhesive ingredients in those formulas will dry out too quickly.

💡 TIP : Work quickly with the bottles containing adhesive ingredients to keep them in good condition longer. Bottles with adhesive ingredients are #2 Base Coat and #4 Top Coat.

💡 TIP: Keep you Brush-On-Caps & bottles cleaned => Always clean the brush-on-cap on a nail wipe before putting it back into your bottles.

📍Products should never touch the skin & must finish away from the skin. Nail Products are made to be applied ONLY on the NAIL's surface ~ NOT on the cuticle, NOT on the sidewalls! 💅🏻

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Monica G.
Great product

Top coat it’s amazing super shiny and dries very quickly. Value for money and great customer service!!

Holly B.
Great value for money

Love the NSI dipping system. Hav worried other brands and keep coming back to these. Amazing value for money. Just wish they did bulk sizes for us nail techs

Top Coat amazing - quick dry time

Top coat is amazing, doesn't take long to dry, super shiny finish.


Great product