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Chrome Aurora Nail Polish Born Pretty

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Achieve a stunning reflective chrome nail finish with these beautiful Aurora Mirror nail polishes.

Apply a White colour base layer first before the Chrome Polish for the Bieber Nails look! Apply a Pink colour base layer for cute donut nails look. Apply a Black colour base layer for a full strong colour effect.

Chromes provide a different effect depending on the base colour you do before them, create infinite looks and nail designs!

Helpful Note:
1: Chrome Aurora Nail Polish will have particles sink to the bottom of the bottle when not being used, so shake the bottle well before using. 
2: Over time the Nail Polish Clear liquid will turn light blue due to the pigment residue from the Chrome Pigments inside, this is normal and doesn't affect the use of the product on going. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cathy W.

Stunning, easy to use, a little goes along way

sarah k.

Absolute amazing easy to use and the results are beautiful 😍