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Nail Glues

Enjoy long-lasting fake nails and sturdy decals by adding a quality nail glue to your kit. At NSI Nails, we stock a range of nail glue online, featuring strong hold adhesives that will help keep your manicures and pedicures in place. Forget experiencing foils that peel or jewels that fall off in minutes — our nail glue products provide secure results so you can produce salon-quality nail art. Whether you’re adding tips for extra length or gems to your gel nails, nail glue is an essential accessory to complete your collection.

Find the right nail glue online at NSI Nails 

Press and set tips, attach gems and transfer foils with the help of our nail glues. Whether you’re looking for a brush-on glue to take your nails to new lengths or a glue stick for a fast and easy way to add decals, our adhesives allow you to create manicures and pedicures that last. Choose from air-dry nail glues or UV and LED curable formulas to suit your needs. Pair with our nail tools for precise application and create at-home designs that rival a salon.

Nail glue for fake nails and easy extensions

Add length and shape to natural nails using our quality nail glue products. Whether you’re working with long, short or sensitive nails, our glues will help create indestructible tips and extensions that won’t budge. Featuring clear adhesive formulas and easy-to-control applicators, our nail glues can be painted and spread across natural nails to provide an excellent bond. When using a formula that spreads, simply rock your tips back and forth to force out any air bubbles, and then press until dry for a long-lasting finish. 

Buy premium nail glue online today at NSI Nails

Perfect fake nail application and 3D nail art from the comfort of your own home with our range of nail glue. No matter what design you’re after, we pride ourselves on supplying premium quality products for seamless application and a sturdy finish. Buy our nail glues online today and get in touch with our team if you have any questions about our adhesives or other nail products.


What is the best glue to keep fake nails on? 

At NSI Nails, we stock a range of nail glues online that are perfect for keeping your fake nails and tips in place. Our POLYBOND Adhesive Brush-On Glue is popular and available in multi-packs, and our FIVE STAR Glue Stick is a fast and easy option for nails on the go. We also have nail glues for adhering gems to gel nails or transferring foil designs.

Do I put nail glue on a fake nail? 

Our nail glue products can be used with fake nails and will come with a set of instructions for the best results. Before placing the fake nail on top and pressing down, we recommend applying nail glue to the natural nail rather than the fake nail. Try to avoid over-glueing and stick to the suggested amount. If you need help, get in touch with our team for further instruction.