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Dispenser Bottle Cap - Spout Pourer

SKU 12111

Plastic dispenser screw cap red and white.

Fit our bottles of 60ml, 118/120ml and 237/240ml Nail Liquids, Cleanse, Nailpure Plus, Sani-Soak.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cecelia R.
Dispenser Bottle Cap

A genius idea I use it on my little bottle and it’s perfect for dispensing my gel glitters. Absolutely a must. Thank you.

David W./.i.
You Are The Only One.

I am a model aircraft builder, with the different glues I use the dispenser caps on my glue bottles do ware out
and fall apart with time and use. NSI were the only seller I could find that carried the same style caps as used
on my glue bottles, NSI have saved me from the loss of some expensive glue. Many Thanks NSI.

Becki L.

I got this lid to make things easier, and that it does. Ill definitely be buying another couple of these for my acetone and rubbing alcohol.