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Gel Nail Polishes

Australia’s Choice in Gel Nail Polish

Are you looking to buy top quality gel nail polish online for your Australian salon? NSI Nails has you covered. The great range we have for sale includes gel nail polish in a range of colours to match the personality and look of any customer that walks though your doors. Or even your own! You can get professional-grade gel nail polish to add to your personal collection of polishes and enjoy the fact that NSI gel nail polish lasts an unbelievable three times longer than a natural manicure, without chipping, smudging or cracking.

We also have natural gel nail polish remover that is vegan & cruelty-free, so you can remove your polish without toxins. Explore the range we have for sale and buy the gel nail polish you love with easy delivery.

Gel nail polish for your salon or at-home manicure

Just as the customers at your salon are a priority, at we NSI Nails believe that our customers are also our main priority. That is why we offer everyone across Australia gel nail polish and natural nail polish remover that is not harmful to the environment, and wrap all of products in eco-conscious packaging. 

The health of the environment is very important to us and we take this position seriously, so when you buy gel nail polish from us online you can feel good about doing so.

Enhance your salon or at-home spa experience and have a look at the nail art designs, acrylic nail powders, acrylic nails and more to complete your collection.

Get quality gel nail polish for your Australian salon

You can easily buy the gel nail polish and natural gel nail polish remover that you require online from NSI Nails at great wholesale prices. Our quality is unmatched. Start shopping today and purchase your products with AfterPay for added convenience.

If you’re looking to buy gel nail polish online for your salon or to do DIY nails at home, then NSI Nails has you covered with the best gel nail products in Australia. Browse our extensive range of gel nail polish colours to suit your customers or your own unique personal tastes. At NSI Nails Australia, you’ll be able to buy gel nail polish that not only looks great but also gives you a professional-grade finish with our products lasting three times longer than natural manicures by avoiding chipping, smudging and cracking.

Eco-friendly gel nail polish products

At NSI Nails, we stock several eco-friendly gel nail polish kit essentials so you can make a mindful purchase knowing you’re reducing your impact on the environment while safely tending to your nails. Discover our natural gel nail polish remover that is vegan and cruelty-free, so you can remove your polish without toxins. Not only are our gel nail products toxin-free, but we have also worked hard to ensure all of our gel polish range has been packaged using eco-conscious product wrapping. The health of our planet is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why when you buy gel nail polish from NSI Nails online, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing what’s best for the environment. 

Buy the best gel nail polish in Australia from NSI Nails

If you’re wondering where to buy gel nail polish, head to NSI Nails Australia to stock up on gel nail products or invest in a gel nail polish kit for at-home DIY pampering. Discover a range of gel nail colours and products that are free from nasty toxins and environmentally damaging chemicals to make an eco-friendly purchase. Browse our online store and shop for quality gel nail polish at wholesale prices with the convenience of AfterPay and ZipPay. If you have any questions about our gel nail polish collection, get in contact with someone from our friendly team today.


Why should I shop with NSI Nails Australia for all my gel polish needs?

For many decades, our family-owned and run business has worked hard to produce the best and most extensive range of gel nail polish products for happy customers across Australia. We stay best-in-market by creating innovative new colours, professional finishes, eco-friendly formulas and extremely competitive prices.

Is NSI Nails Australia gel polish stronger than regular polish?

Yes! At NSI Nails Australia, we develop formulas with our nail tech labs in the USAto ensure our gel nail polish products are long-lasting, toxin-free and vibrant. Our range of NSI Nails Australia gel polish will last up to three times longer than regular polish and will avoid chipping, smudging and cracking.

Does gel nail polish ruin your nails?

No! If used correctly Gel Polish actually provides a great protective strong layer on top of your natural nails. This Gel Polish protects your natural nails from everyday life activities you do with your hands. Cleaning, washing, gardening are all things that weaken natural nails and damage them, if you have great and strong gel nail polish on your nails it will help keep them strong and protected. 

However if you use poor quality gel nail polish and don’t employ proper techniques during the application, gel nail polish can be harsh on your nails. At NSI Nails Australia, we have worked hard to create a range of gel nail polish that reduces the number of harmful toxins used in the formula. We also have several products that can be used to promote healthy, long-lasting and strong nails. Make sure to check out our gel nail polish kits that come with gel polish, acid-free primer, tack-free topcoat, cleansing solution and balance builder gel.