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Simplicité PolyBase Clear

SKU 6762

Simplicité PolyBase is a LED/UV Curable gel base that absorbs dipping powders. You can coat all five nails with PolyBase and it does not dry until it's cured into the nail lamp.

PolyBase formula is translucent clear and now with some bluish agents added.

We called it Simplicité because it’s simple to use and simple to Rebalance / Refill.

The Simplicité PolyDip System is curable into a nail lamp = stronger nails faster.

This system keeps nails strong and healthy. Perfect on natural nails as an overlay, and ideal over tips/extensions with a very lightweight and a great flexible feel.

The perfect addition to Spas and Salons as this system has NO ODOUR and is drying faster. And It’s so simple! It’s Simplicité!

Completely Odorless System.
A Versatile Dipping system that can be used for tips / extensions and overlays on natural nails.
Perfect Permanent polished nails look.
Optional Rebalance / Refill – You don’t have to soak off the product every time and/or between applications.
Size: 15ml bottle.

Simplicité PolyDip System - Polybase Opaque/Clear - HOW TO USE INSTRUCTIONS

Simplicité PolyDip System - Easy to use Instructions

WHY Simplicité PolyDip System - FAQ

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
simplicite polybase clear dip system

I love this system, a gel based dip system with no smell, that's strong & versatile.

Tracey F.
Poly base

Amazing and easy to use

polybase clear

love this !! really nice to work with!!
love the tiny brush, really precise!!
love the whole gel dip system!!

Judy D.
Polybase Wow!!

This polybase system is amazing! I highly recommend it. No toxic cyanoacrylate poison and you can take your time and care to get a perfect finish. For an amateur, I’m impressed!

Tracie K.
Poly base

Omg I have been using this for a couple of years I love it do much, I use for sns /dipping/slickpour .
Just fantastic