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Understanding Eye Shapes For Perfect Lash Extensions: Customising Looks For Every Client

Understanding Eye Shapes For Perfect Lash Extensions: Customising Looks For Every Client

Lash extensions have become an integral part of the beauty industry, offering a high-impact way to enhance the natural beauty of one's eyes. These delicate, semi-permanent lashes add length, volume and allure to your client's natural lashes, elevating their overall appearance and drawing attention with each flutter. 

Thanks to them, girls can step out from desk to dinner, leaving a captivating glimmer to entrance their beholder. However, a flawless application can only be achieved after heavily considering your client’s eye shape to balance a dramatic and natural look that respects the proportions of their face.

If you’re interested in giving your customers high-definition eyes, our blog is the ultimate supplement to your lash extension course. We will detail the eye shapes and which lash extension placements and designs best complement their visage. Read on to make your service meet the NSI Australia standard.

The importance of studying the eye’s morphology

Any quality lash extension course in Australia will repeatedly promote that they do not have a one-size-fits-all approach — cut corners, and they can make the eyes appear smaller, droopy and sad. Opting for high-quality extensions is essential for delivering lasting wear and preventing discomfort while minimising their impact on your client’s natural lash bed.

Just as important as dressing for your body type, expertly placed eyelash extensions can open up your eyes and make them a signature feature that helps tie your makeup and overall look together.

Almond eyes

Not only are almond eyes one of the most common eye shapes, but they are also one of the easiest types to work with, as they can be dressed up in nearly every style of faux lashes. They’re twice as wide as they are high, which offers more freedom to create different lash styles. 

If your client desires to elongate their eye’s natural shape, opt for a cat eye to emphasise the outer corners or choose a doll eye to brighten their facial features with a wide and open-eye look. Stick to a standard C curl for a natural and measured finish that offers the perfect balance between making the lash bed look more prominent without going overboard and looking too heavy.

Hooded eyes

Review your beauty course’s notes, as hooded eyes are considered one of the more difficult styles to work with since monolids are without a natural crease. With little separation across the eyelids, it can make the lash line look heavy and smaller, making an expert hand more important to open up the eye and help it appear lighter.

For hooded eyes, the optimal curls are M and L. Pair M curls with doll lash extensions to create a lifted look that makes the eye look rounder and more open. Or team L curls with a cat eye to elongate the eye and draw more attention to the coloured pupil to make them pop.

While D and L+ lashes can help create a more exaggerated lash line, improperly applied and spaced can result in the application going too far and look like the lashes are curling into the skin.

Round eyes

Round eye shapes are naturally more open and awake, which makes it more important to lengthen the lash line to prevent your client from leaving with a constantly surprised look. That means no doll-eyed looks and D curl lashes, no matter how much your customer asks — after all, you’re signing your name to the finished set. Revisit your lash extension course’s online resources for extra confirmation and backup against repeat requests.

Counterbalance the open eye with a more relaxed C or L curl in a wispy, winged fashion that lifts the outer corners and increases the lash line’s volume without overwhelming the eyes. Alternatively, opt for a B curl with a natural design to imitate the look of an almond eye shape.

Downturned and upturned eyes

Downturned eyes occur when the outer corners fall below the inner corners of the eye. Like hooded eyes, it can be a little tricky trying to counterbalance the proportions of the eye without exaggerating a heavy eye look, so we suggest checking over your most recent completed online beauty course.

To inject an added lift, use a heavy C or D curl in a cat or fox style with longer lashes placed towards the outer corners to create a natural balance and counter the lower curve.

On the other side, upturned eyes result when the inner corner falls below the outer corner, which creates a natural cat-eye look. Exaggerate the angle with cat-eye lash extensions to imitate the look of an almond eye shape.

Close and wide-set eyes

Determined by how close or far the eyes sit away from each other, cleverly placed lash extensions can help rebalance the proportions of the eyes and face. Cat eyes and bright eyeshadow are fantastic for close-set eyes as they focus more on the outer edges. On the other hand, you’ll want to try the heavy curl of CC, D or L+ lashes and a doll lash set to draw more focus to the middle and inner corners to bring your eyes closer together.

Create a flawless lash extension application with NSI Australia

Whether you're entering the beauty industry, setting up your own business or instituting a learning and development program for your lash technicians, understanding the morphology of the eyes and face will ensure you give your clients a perfect service that complements their face and gives them more confidence to return for repeat treatments.

Visit NSI Australia today to give your business a headstart and learn from industry professionals who can guide you with the most up-to-date classic, hybrid and volume lash training or stock your salon with everything you need to succeed in your studies, including LED light and phone holders to illuminate your space and offer a platform to film your work for marketing activities. Or, if you want to expand your offering into a full-service salon, shop our acrylic nails practice mat, acrylics kit and nail art to transform your clients into the best version of themselves. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime — we’re happy to help.
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