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The Latest Nail Trends: Stay Ahead Of The Game

The Latest Nail Trends: Stay Ahead Of The Game

Between acrylics, powder dip and solid gel nails, you can have the best nail supplies, but without the knowledge of how to use them, you’re flying (or painting) blind. Every season brings new nail trends to discover, helping you to make your manicure your biggest fashion accessory. Whether you’re gleaning inspo from your fav celeb or you want to put your twist on the ‘it colour’ of the month, our blog gives you more ideas to incorporate into your artistry and set your style on show.

Say oui oui with French illusion nails

From the polished appeal of French tips, French illusion nails take them one step further by using an ombre colour gradient across the nail bed, which delivers a three-dimensional effect throwing light and shadows in different directions depending on your hands' placement. Whether you paint the tip following the natural curve of the nail or add your spin and paint it in a wavy fashion, the possibilities are endless to make your mani stand out.

To get the maximum effect out of this nail trend, look through your nail supplies and opt for a gel nail polish or polygel with a glossy finish to help capture and refract light.

Smize with blush nails

While Y2K nail trends are still riding high after last year’s glazed doughnut look, this season switches to a new flavour with blush nails. With a spherical aural gradient that features a darker centre before fading out to a contrasting white halo, it adds a level of warmth to your manicure like your favourite baked, not friend iced doughnut.

To achieve this look, we suggest visiting your local nail tech, who can take advantage of the best nail salon supplies, whether it’s a sticker or press-on nail or they hold the specialist technique to create a smooth ombre effect.

Create an experience with sensorial nails

Unfortunately, Gwen Stefani isn’t releasing her Harajuku girls on the scene, but 3D nail art is making a comeback. This time, you’ll find tactile finishes, decals and gems that are more balanced — think raised dewy water droplets that bubble on top of your nail bed or cascading flower petals to uplift your manicure.

Whether you opt for charms and other embellishing nail products on each or alternate fingers, this treatment will require a little commitment to sit in the chair for over an hour to let your nail tech individually craft each design and let each layer cure. However, with a bit of patience, you will be rewarded with a statement look that err on the side of fantastical.

But get in quick if you want to get ahead before this nail trend explodes, as a lot of girls will want to experiment with something extra AF to uplift their mood and ensembles.

Rock an avant-garde look with molten metallics

While some people will play it safe with chrome zone nail trends that feature a solid metallic hue, impress your girlfriends with something different and go to the extreme with molten metallics. With iridescent powder dip and thick resinous nail polishes in silver, bronze, copper and gold, your nail tech can add droplets and wavy ribbons to asymmetrically frame your nail bed and create a liquid effect that is out of this world.

Leaving a raised tactile finish with monochromatic colourways, molten metallic nail art casts your fingers in a dramatic and elevated finish that competes with the sparkle of your jewellery, making it your newest and loudest accessory to wear every day or to special events. 

Stay optimistic with mood ring nails

Whether Mercury is in retrograde or not, good vibes are in this season with the latest mood ring nail trends. Borrowing from the aural effect of blush nails, opt for colours that match your mood across the entire set or create a gradient and allow each nail to melt from chill blue to passionate red. 

Want to get in on the action? You’ll likely already have the colourways and nail supplies needed in your collection, so maintaining them and correcting chips before they’re seen couldn’t be any easier.

Tap into the hottest nail trends with the leading nail supplies in Australia

Whether you like to keep it cool and classic or enjoy experimenting with vibrant colourways and eccentric finishes, the possibilities are endless with the right nail products on your beauty table. If you’re looking to stock your salon with a high-quality range of nail supplies or want to try your hand at putting your spin on nail trends, shop NSI Australia’s expansive range, including acrylic nails, nail gels and gel polish, or continue your education with our acrylic nail course.
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