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The Future Of Nail Careers: What To Expect

The Future Of Nail Careers: What To Expect

A nail technician's career is always buzzing with excitement! Every year brings new techniques to explore and products to try.

This year, we're seeing some amazing design trends and fresh career opportunities in the nail industry. Plus, with more folks wanting unique nail designs, specialised skills are in high demand.

Read on and discover our nail industry predictions for 2024.

1. Texture and elevated minimalism are nail trends to watch

The top nail trends for 2024 focus on understated glam and "quiet luxury". Think soft pale pinks, elevated French manicures and plenty of sheer neutrals jazzed up with a touch of metallic accents. It's all about keeping it low-key and classy without going too flashy.

But we're not just sticking to the basics — texture and dimension are also making their mark. Expect to see a playful mix of classic charms and sparkling crystal accents, adding extra oomph to plain manicures.

Ready to step up your career as a nail technician? Master this year’s hottest nail trends to stay ahead of the game:

  • Jelly nails
  • Jelly nails bring a playful, translucent touch to the fingertips. They create a soft, diffused effect, adding depth and freshness to manicures.

    Moreover, jelly nails have become a sensation on TikTok thanks to their glossy and luscious appearance. To achieve the jelly effect, simply mix a few drops of a clear top coat with coloured polish.

  • 3D jewelled nails
  • This 2024 nail trend features rhinestones, crystals, pop culture-themed charms and silver and gold studs. These embellishments can instantly elevate any manicure from basic to breathtaking.

    These tiny, decorative gems come in various colours, sizes and shapes. They offer unlimited design possibilities to match any mood, outfit or occasion. 

  • French croc
  • Crocodile-print nails are making a splash in the animal print scene, bringing a cool new twist to textured manicures. Rather than going all out with the bold pattern on the whole nail, the trendy move is to jazz up French tips with the crocodile effect in rich earth tones.

    This nail design can be tricky to paint by hand and with just standard polish. Nail artists use blooming gel, a type of polish that spreads or "blooms" once it has been applied.

    To create French crocs, first dot the gel across the nail in a staggered, brick-like pattern. In just a few seconds, you'll see the gel magically spread and create gaps that resemble crocodile skin. 

  • Floating French tips
  • Floating French tips are a sleek and stylish twist on the classic French manicure. Instead of the classic horizontal line, this trend experiments with direction and space by orienting the stripe vertically from the cuticle all the way to the end of the nail. The tip remains bare, producing the illusion of a floating tip.

  • Aura nails
  • Aura nails are set to keep shining as one of the hottest nail trends of 2024. They first caught everyone's eye on TikTok last year, and now they're just getting bigger and even more fabulous. We're talking fresh shades and colour palettes, cool 3D effects and a sprinkle of rhinestones for that extra sparkle.

    For salon-quality results, consider using an airbrush gun to achieve a soft and subtle gradient look. This handy tool allows you to spray colour evenly, making it easy to mix and blend different shades directly on the nails.

  • Sheer nails
  • Vibrant and maximalist nail art designs often capture the spotlight, but the understated elegance of sheer nails holds its own timeless appeal. This trend is perfect for those who adore a clean, sophisticated look.

    Sheer polishes come in gentle nudes or with a hint of pink, giving nails a glossy, barely-there look. They can be layered over a bold colour for an effortlessly chic effect.

  • Bow accents
  • Balletcore took the spotlight in 2023, and it's not stepping down anytime soon! 

    This year, it's all about bow nails, from cute 3D charms to stickers and hand-painted bows. This trend celebrates all things girly and feminine, often featuring soft whites and pinks, sparkly finishes, and pretty accents like pearls and rhinestones. It's a fun, sweet way to bring a bit of ballet-inspired grace to any look!

  • Oyster nails
  • This exquisite nail trend resembles the inside of an oyster shell or the smooth surface of a pearl. They can be customised with 3D bits and shiny chrome touches for extra sparkle!

    First, pick an iridescent nail polish as the base. Think milky whites or soft pinks that have that dreamy, underwater vibe. Then, top it off with a sheer top coat that brings the whole look together with an ultra-glossy, pearl-like finish.

    2. Continued education and specialisation are key

    The demand for specialised nail services is growing. Clients are looking for technicians who can offer gel sculpting, nail art, jelly stamping, chrome finishing and so much more.

    Investing in your education as a nail technician will be key to staying competitive. Keeping up with the latest tricks, products and nail trends can help you diversify your offerings and attract more clients and referrals.

    3. Mobile and freelance services are set to rise

    The rising demand for mobile services opens up a wealth of career opportunities in nail care. Offering personalised services right at your clients' homes is a great way to shine in a busy market and win loyal customers. Plus, you get to be your own boss when it comes to your schedule, working where and when it suits you best. By stepping into this trend, you're giving clients exactly what they're looking for!

    4. Demand for eco-friendly products and practices will grow

    Here's another nail industry prediction: More people will embrace eco-friendly options! The market is seeing an influx of vegan, non-toxic and cruelty-free formulations. Salons, too, are stepping up by adopting more sustainable practices in their operations.

    Again, focusing on your training and education as a nail technician will be a smart move. By learning about eco-friendly products and techniques, you'll not only appeal to a wider audience who values sustainability but also boost client satisfaction.

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