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Zebra Bridge Nail File 80/80 Grit (XCoarse)

SKU 3602-01

Revolutionary file that last 4 times longer than the average abrasive and is extremely effective for rapid product reduction, therefore easing nail tech effort and fatigue.

The Zebra Bridge 80/80 grit Nail File is Extra Coarse.

It is a very coarse file and should never be used on natural nails.

The 80/80 grit files are suitable for the removal of Acrylics, wraps and Gels products from nail enhancements.
The straight edge is for sidewall and extension edge refinement, while the half moon contoured edge is perfect for getting in close to the cuticle, minimising the risk of touching the soft tissue.
They can be completely disinfected in 10 minutes with total submersion in, or sprayed with an EPA hospital grade disinfectant.
Excellent for nail services done with gels, wraps, acrylics, and pedicures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Olivia W.

Best files

Bibi L.
Exactly as ordered

Great file!
Excellent fast delivery

Jill C.
80/80 file

Cuts through acrylic well which is good when you have arthritic hands

Lutrica S.
Awesomely good files

I recently bought a couple of course files from NSI and now they are my favourite Hand files! They shred away the acrylic quick and effortlessly I could only imagine how fast they will remove gel. If your looking for hand files look no further. I'll be definitely buying more in the future 😊👍🏻


Long lasting, durable, do not bend or snap while filling. Will not bubble or lift when put in steriliser numerous times.