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Volcano (2 Way) Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bit

SKU 110653-F

The unique cone-shape offers a risk-free removal of acrylic and gel without generating of heat. It leaves a optimal working base after grinding.

It effectively shaves the acrylic, which means less pressure is required. This results in less dust, and since there's less friction there is less heat.

2 way - Suitable left and right handed use.

Made of 100% tungsten carbide, which is the hardest material next to diamonds, carbide bits will last a long time. Use this bit for surface work, shortening acrylic product, and backfill cutting.

Size: Φ 7.00 mm Overall Length: 40.0 mm Shank: 3/32" (2.35 mm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ramandeep K.

Good quality. Useful


Great drill bit to add to my collection

Sepi N.
Great bit for fast easy product removal!

I'm left handed so this bit has made my life so much easier because not only can I use it in both F and R but it also goes through product so effortlessly. This bit has just made doing that MUCH easier.

Jenny L.
Fast and efficient

I love this drill bit. I used it for the first time to remove the top layers of gel polish and gel tips and found that they melted off with acetone so much faster. I love this as I seem to waste so much time scraping gel off. This cuts my time down so much and I can get a fresh set of nails on so much quicker.

Lefty friendly

I love these I'm a left hander and it's bloody hard to find good bits for me. These are good as don't heat up either and have safety tip.