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Stamper & Scraper ~ Gold or Silver ~ Large Diameter 4cm

SKU 2719G

Large Stamper Clear Silicone Head , Diameter 4cm with Gold or Silver Handle.

EASY TO USE. Check our VIDEO DEMO: Halloween Design with Stamping Plate Demo and you will stamp like a pro in no time!

Looping zooming effect to check your designs from the back.

Use the Stamping Polishes for your designs. Only them have the rich coverage needed for stamping and the right drying time for your designs to be perfect and transferred onto the nails with ease.

Normal polishes do not give good results as their coverage, density in pigments and drying times are very different.

Replacement Silicone Head For Stamper

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dimitra S.

Just brilliant

Simone F.

This is my fav stamped out of all and I have a few, it has just the right amount of stick to pick up from the shallow nail plates. My go to stamped.

Vicki K.

Great stamper, picks image up clean , no smudges.

NSI also has a great variety of stamping plates to choose from.

This picture is ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s ‘ inspired!