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Colour Display Book + Tips

SKU DMN3849-120B

Colour Display Book Embedded Style with Tips included.

💡💅🏻 TIPS : Maintain and secure your tips with a stronger better hold - by placing some office blue/white tack material into the groove/hole, this will help and avoid the tip moving out and off their compartment. Or you can also use a little piece of your choice of securing doubled sticky-tape for a strong hold too. If you can keep your albums safely away too - Keep your books/albums out of reach and maybe only to be seen from the distance only, or under a clear glass top. Keep them nicer for longer by placing them opened displayed into a clear display glass box or underneath a clear glass table top if you can. By avoiding too much of their manipulations by clients, you will certainly keep the books intact, cleaner and nicer for longer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Best Nail Colour Display

I've tried many ways over the years to display my colours, this is by far the best! The book is stylish, keeps everything nice and tidy and simple for clients to look at. I've now ordered more so I can display my glitters & pigments 😊

Abbie W.

Great quality and super nice way to display all my colours at once. Just have to secure the tips with double sided tape so they don’t fall out

Great size

Great for displaying my nail art options for my clients

Madeleine D.

Best way to display all my colours, so neat and tidy :)
The book inside and out is really good quality too.
I used double sided tape on the backs of the tips just to make sure they would stay put.
Would def recommend!! :)


Awesome way to display all my nail colour swatches! Neat and easy to put away or display on the desk. Nail tips fit nicely in the book, some do slip out but I just bluetack them back in