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Step By Step - Gel Polish

Gel polish Step by Step Application

Step 1:
To improve adhesion - opt for a true dry manicure.
Thoroughly prepare the natural nail by pushing back the cuticle.
Shape the free edge and gently remove shine of the natural nails with NSI Endurance Buffer.
A Gentle light buffing to remove surface oils will improve adhesion

Step 2:
Clean and dehydrate using Nail Pure Plus on a Nail Wipe.
Use a scrubbing motion, don’t forget the side walls and along the free edge, to ensure a well-dehydrated nail plate prior to application of the Base Coat.

Step 3:
Apply one thin layer of Essential Base Coat or SINA Base Coat to all five fingers.
Be sure to cap the edges. Always cap first then coat the nail cuticle to free edge.
Cure in a LED Lamp (36 Watt) for 30 seconds.

Step 4:
Shake your gel polish colour well before use.
Apply a very thin layer of the colour. The first layer should look translucent.
Cure in a LED Lamp (36 Watt) for 60 seconds,
Apply a second thin coat for full coverage and cure again.

Step 5:
Apply a Top Coat, cap the edges. Make sure there is no excess of product or build up underneath the free edge or side walls.
Cure in a LED Lamp (36 Watt) for 60 seconds.
Wait 30 seconds for the nails to cool down, then if a tacky layer remove it with a Nail Wipe lightly saturated with NSI Cleanse.

Step 6:
Condition the cuticle with a drop of Nurture Oil.
No additional drying time, you will love your smudge-free and chip-proof new manicure.
Easy removal in minutes - by buffing the topcoat first & then soaking off with 100% Pure Acetone.
Tip: We recommend the Nail Bath and the use of 100% Pure Acetone or NSI Soothing Soak Off to remove gel polish easily and safely. The Soak off Nail Bath gently warms the Acetone and speeds up the nail removal process.
No damage to the natural nails.