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Soft Gel Tips - Refill & Removal


You can refill the Soft Gel Tips if you are still happy with their condition and how they are holding onto the nails, You can refill some good ones and replace fully some other tips that you prefer to remove. Find below steps for removal.

The Refill for these soft gel tips is easy:

File off the bulk that you want to remove at the cuticle, Sanitize and PREP using the Primer.

Refill with the same Press On Tips Gel, use the gel where you need, cure and then apply a layer on the whole nail to reinforce, cure.

Refine by shaping the nails and filing, clean the nails. Finish with the Topcoat.


Sanitise the hands and nails with Purify ~ Germ-Free. Fast Acting Antiseptic Spray.

Remove Lacquer and reduce nail length using a nail trimmer or by filing off.

Break the top seal off any Lacquer/Gel Polish Topcoat by gently roughing the top seal and roughing the surface shine, reduce the bulk using a coarse file like Endurance 80/80 or 100/100 grit file. Endurance Supreme Nail File Pack: 5 Files (80+100+150+180+240)

Or use your e-file with a coarse grit bit. This will allow the removal solution to penetrate the layers.

Saturate a cotton with 100% Pure Acetone and use a foil wrap, you can use a Nail Bath or a Nail Steamer Remover if you have one.

Soak off time varies with products previously applied, thickness of layers and also removal method you choose.

You can usually remove nails from a Gel Polish Manicure within 10 minutes.

A longer soaking time is needed for hard Gels and Acrylics.

Remove foils, or remove your fingers from the soaking bowl and gently push with a cuticle tool any remaining flakes of products from the nails.

Proceed gently. Continue to soak if needed.

Lightly buff the nails surface with the Endurance buffer 180/240 grit and continue to soak if needed.

When the nails are fully cleaned from products, buff gently the surface of the nails smooth and nourish with a Cuticle Oil that is giving flexibility and supplies cuticles and skin around with a lasting softness, NSI Nurture Oil is perfect for that with its delicate aromatically soothing and refreshing scent of Grapes seed oils.