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Nail Steamer Remover Instructions Guide

Please take time to read the below helpful instructions and guides :)

This Nail Steamer is to be used with Pure Acetone or your preferred nail remover solution you already have.

This Nail Steamer is made for the removal of products you have previously applied on your nails.
It works with the combination of 3 factors:
1. Solvent Solution e.g Pure acetone
2. Warming of Solution to a medium heat generating steam and moisture assisting in a great advanced soak off method!
3. Time & Patience


1. Place the Nail Steamer machine on a hard, level and flat surface.
2. Turn the Black Lid anticlockwise and lift it off to reveal the clear plastic bowls inside. (1 is a spare leave it to the side)
3. Pour Approx. 8ml of Pure Acetone into the clear plastic bowl / container. (this amount of liquid will be sufficient for both hands) 4. Close the Black Lid back into its original and correct position.

🔺 Warning: DO NOT pour the Pure Acetone directly into the Nail Steamer! This will Damage the integrity of the Nail Steamer!

🔺 Warning: You Must use the Clear Plastic Bowls to pour the Acetone in!

Important Step - Do Not Skip:

1. Use a Coarse Nail File like the NSI Endurance 100/100 Grit File or an 80/80 Grit File to firstly File and Remove off the Top Coat / Layer you have on your Nail Enhancements. This will allow the solution Pure Acetone to better penetrate deeply and break down the products you have on your nails. This is done because Top Coats are made to be water and solvent Resistant so you need to file that Off to be able to let the Nail Steamer and Acetone go to work on the Products Underneath!

2. Remove any Glue Adhesive, Nail Rhinestones or other Nail Blings you have On top of your Nails.These generally File Off easily and Don’t need to go in the Nail Steamer and Acetone.

Operating Nail Steamer Instructions:

1.Turn the Nail Steamer ON by pressing the switch / button located on the back of the Nail Steamer.

2. A red light on the front will appear on H for Heat indicating it is now heating up - but not yet ready to use.

3. After approximately 30 seconds, the Nail Steamer will Beep indicating and showing a green light on S for Start/Steam.

4. Now Insert your Fingers into the Black Finger Compartments and wrap your fingers around the inside dome gripping and forming a circle position with your fingers slightly apart. You can if you wish also lower your fingers down into the solution in the bowl if your prefer, this does give a quicker option for very hard products such as Acrylics. “Also Start a Timer or take Note of the time on a clock”

5. If you see the red light coming on intermittently throughout your soaking process, this is normal and just an indication that the Nail Steamer is maintaining the required temperature. It is completely normal for your fingers to feel warm throughout this time, however if it feels uncomfortably hot then remove your fingers from the Nail Steamer.

6. At 5 minutes you will hear 2 Beeps to indicate you are halfway through the removal process.

7. At 10 minutes you will hear 1 Beep and the W will become Orange indicating the steaming process has finished. It will stay on W for Warm.

8. Remove your fingers from the Nail Steamer and use a Cuticle Stick or a Cuticle Pusher to quickly Scrape Off the loose and now soft products of either Nail Polish, Gels and or Acrylic. Be quick in this step because if you let your nails become Cold and Dry the products will being hardening again and make it hard to scrape off. If you feel you took too long, simply place your Fingers Back in Nail Steamer and let it warm up your nails and soften the products again.

9. Repeat step 8 until you have removed Most if not All the nail products you had on your nails :)

10. Buff / Lightly File your nails till perfectly clean, apply nourishing Cuticle Oil of your choice and Turn Off the Nail Steamer. Clean the clear plastic bowl inside the Nail Steamer of all Debris of Nail polish, Gels, Acrylic etc. Once clean and dried Store it away perfect and ready for its next use.

Helpful Tips:

Solvents like Pure Acetone cool down and dry quickly once your fingers are removed from the Nail Steamer, so being efficient and quick is important.
You can pull out only 1 Finger at a time from the Nail Steamer to Scrape Off the products on your nails.
Then change and proceed onto the next finger, this way the other fingers remain wet and warm inside the Nail Steamer.

If there are still some areas on your nails that have product, use the same process again ~ it might take you some extra time for the complete process.
The timing can differ significantly and this is completely normal ~ as all brands and products are made differently, formulated with different ingredients and technologies which all effect how easy or hard they are to take off.

Using NSI quality acrylics, gels, gel polish etc will provide you with a much easier removal process as our quality formulations use only the best ingredients resulting in our products being easier to remove when needed unlike some other brands.

If you are trying to remove unbranded products or products from a company you are not sure about, you may find it a lot harder to remove and this is a sign of poor products manufactured with excessive adhesives which are cheap. Eventually the Nail Steamer and Pure Acetone will remove these types of products but it will take longer and there is no way around that.

It might require you to do the whole process twice so just turn the Nail Steamer Off at the switch and turn it back on and start again from step one.

Generally speaking, good quality formulated products will dissolve better than the non standard no brand products and this is often due to the lower quality and poor ingredients in formulations.

You can rest assured when you purchase an use NSI Australia quaintly products not only are you going to have great nail enhancements but your also going to be able to remove them nicely :)

We hope you enjoy using your Nail Steamer and be patient with your nails, make sure to not harshly scrape your natural nail surfaces when you get down to them. Take good care of your natural nails, stay patient with your removal timings and consider it as your pampering time.

Store away from children. Do not use if you have any skin abrasions, cuts or open sores, Do not use if you are prone to allergies / allergic reactions.