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Acrylic/Gel Dipping System - Step By Step

NSI Simplicité. You can Dip, Pour or Sprinkle!

  • NO ODOUR, it's a Gel System using Acrylic Powders.
  • It’s CURABLE, STRONGER NAILS, easy and fast.
  • Overlay Natural Nails and Tips Extensions.
  • No need to soak off every time! Just REBALANCE and REFILL.
Acrylic/Gel Dipping System - Step by Step

Step 1:

  • Sanitize Hands
  • Push back the cuticle
  • Dehydrate nail and use PREP Bottle

Step 2:

  • Use BOND Bottle

Step 3:

  • Use POLYBASE Bottle and cure
  • Use POLYBASE again and pour powder over the nail and cure
  • Dust off execess powder
  • Repeat twice (POLYBASE + Powder) or more if required

Step 4:

  • Dust off and cleanse nail
  • Use SEAL bottle top coat and cure
  • Cleanse, File, Refine the nail for shape, length and curve
  • Use SEAL bottle again and cure, Cleanse. DONE!