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Nail UV & LED Lamps Dryer

Professional nails are a brilliant way to add a stylish touch to your complete look. Whether you love understated, neutral-toned gel nails or striking designs that are enhanced with fun patterns and bright colours, curing your nails with UV nail lamps is the perfect way to achieve a glossy finish.

At NSI Nails Australia, we stock a premium range of LED and UV nail lamps that are suitable for personal use, home salons and professional salons. Our lamps allow for the curing of all five fingers on one hand at the same time, so it’s never been simpler to paint and cure!

Nail UV and LED lamps

When you shop at NSI Nails, you can achieve beautifully manicured nails. Our nail gel polish home systems and nail lamps employ the same technology that salons use, so you can rest assured you’re buying the best products on the market. Our new UV or LED nail lamps range includes the highest-quality quick nail curing technology that’s suitable for different skin types and nail lengths. 

Choose professional-grade LED and UV nail lamps

Are you new to professionally done gel nails? For over 50 years, we’ve been dedicated to delivering the best nail products on the market. Our tools and equipment are of the highest quality — and that’s why popular nail salons in Australia choose to buy from us. We've been delivering the best LED and UV nail lamps both in Australia and worldwide for decades, so why not give our products a try today? 

How do LED and UV lamps work?

Easy to use and easy to operate, both LED and UV nail lamps activate the gel cure you've painted onto your nails before a beautiful and glossy finish forms. Our lamps speed up a normal manicure process, and using them is far less of a hassle than painting and air drying.

On average, LED and UV lasts much longer than old UV bulbs, making them the ideal choice for professional manicures. If you continue using old bulbs in UV or LED nail lamps, the final result of your gel nails may be uneven as the curing process is disrupted. Along with dull finishes and brittle gels that chip easily, they can cause lasting damage to your nails when not applied correctly. Plus, you're more likely to pick them when the polish chips — which is terrible for your natural nail beds. So make sure to use a quality lamp such as ours for great results.

UV and LED nail lamps are safe for everyday use

While they are different technologies, UV and LED nail lamps are used to cure gel painted nails. LED lights emit light that has narrower wavelengths than UV. LED nail lamps have higher energy levels, allowing for faster gel curing than a UV nail lamp. This means you need slightly less time to complete your manicure colours. NSI Nails’ UV and LED nail lamps are so safe that direct sunlight emits more rays. Both UV and LED nail lamps are used at professional nail salons, so you can rest assured that you are getting salon-grade tools to help you achieve the perfect set.  

Get your UV and LED nail lamps at NSI Nails online today 

Get your preferred nail system for sale at NSI Nails. Our must-have systems can use either UV or LED technology to achieve quick-drying, shiny gel nails, all while being lightweight, compact and stylish. Our UV and LED nail lamp systems come with an Australian plug, so you can start using it immediately on yourself or your customers. Be it your home or your salon, add our UV and LED Dual Cure Nail Lamps to your cart today and perfect the art of nail curing in no time!

While you’re here, treat yourself to our complete range of LED and UV Lamps, acrylic nails gels, nail drills, and so much more. Contact our team to learn more details about the best manicure accessories for perfect nails. 


Which is better: A UV or LED nail lamp?

The main difference between an LED and UV nail lamp is the radiation the lamp bulbs emit. LED lamps tend to last longer, while UV lamps need regular bulb replacements. In terms of drying time, LED nail lamps cure gel polish faster than UV nail lamps. But, not all gel polishes can be cured by an LED nail lamp. So, the kind of lamp you need to dry your nails will depend on the polish you choose. 

What is the best nail lamp for gel nails?

In professional manicures, gel nail polishes need to dry under UV light. This is what gives gel nails their glossy finish. The best nail lamp for gels is a professional-grade LED nail lamp of at least 36 watts. Higher watt bulbs help cure gel polish faster and more efficiently. At NSI Nails, we have LED and UV nail lamps that come in various wattages — so you can select a nail lamp suitable for your usage! 

What can I use instead of a UV lamp for nails?

As nail technology professionals, we highly recommend always using UV lamps for your nails. In case you’re in a hurry to cure your polish without an LED nail lamp, we suggest using non-UV gel polish, applying a safe drying agent or soaking your nails in ice water. 

What type of LED nail lamps does NSI Nails offer? 

If you’re looking to expand your professional nail salon or build a great collection at home, NSI Nails has the best LED nail lamps in Australia. Whether you’re looking for a 360-degree rotation LED nail lamp, a flash LED nail lamp, or a handy torch freeze LED nail lamp, we stock the widest variety of LED nail dryer lamps in Australia.