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Nail Art Displays & Nail Swatches

Nail Art Display & Nail Swatches

With an ever-expanding range of colours, glitters and chromes to choose from, make the selection easier with a nail polish display kit. Nail displays offer a cleaner and more organised way of exhibiting your nail polish products, so your clients can easily find a shade that suits them. From plastic key rings that allow you to display dozens of colours to simple and aesthetically pleasing nail display books that include fake nail tips for easy painting and showing, NSI Nails has everything you need to create a professional set-up. 

Explore our range of nail swatch and nail polish displays

Within our range of nail displays, you’ll find gorgeous gel mixing boards that allow you to show off the intricate nail art designs you offer your clients. The perfect piece to display painted glittery tips, the high-quality resin board doesn’t absorb pigments or gels — so you can paint directly onto it and wipe it clean when you’re done. Available in shimmery pink and blue shades, our range of mini nail art display boards is a must-have in your salon.

If you need to make room to showcase your nail art displays and nail swatches, look no further than our magnetic tip stand holders — they can hold up to five nail designs.  If you’d like to showcase your gel or acrylic nail polishes in a clear holder that’s sturdy and of the highest quality, you’ll need one of our nail polish display stands that can hold up to 60 bottles. 

Nail display kits that keep your brushes secure and protected

Looking for a dedicated space to store or display your acrylic and gel nail brushes? Why not select one of our case holders? These case holders are available in a breathtaking pink shade, making for a great accessory on your nail table or desk. Plus, they ensure that your brushes can be laid flat or angled up, so you’ll never damage or misplace an expensive tool again! 

With 18 sleek compartments, this easy storing solution is also a great option for mobile nail techs who are on the move and visiting dozens of clients in different locations. Simply add your brushes to the kit, zip it up, and you’re good to head out the door with all your supplies in one secure location. 

NSI Nails — home to a premium range of high-quality nail displays

From nail swatch rings, display nail art stands and nail art holders to nail polish display units that can store dozens of bottles, NSI Nails has everything you need to build out your salon with premium equipment that will keep your space organised and tidy. Explore our offerings online today, and if you have any questions about our collection of nail displays, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. 


How do you display nail polish swatches?

Nail swatches are easily displayed when you have the right equipment. Opt for one of our display key rings that let you showcase the colour palettes you have on offer, allowing your clients to easily find a gel or acrylic shade that they’ll love to wear. If you have new colours you’ve just added to your collection, you can easily remove the polish before painting over the clear tip again. 

How do you display fake nails?

The best way to display fake nails is by ordering a colour display book with hundreds of clear tips. Or, opt for one of our transparent shell nail art displays that can hold over ten acrylic tips. 

How do you paint a nail display?

Simply select a nail swatch or art display of your choosing, and then follow the below steps: 

  • Shape the acrylic nail 
  • Apply a base coat 
  • Apply multiple layers of polish 
  • Apply a clear coat to lock in shine, protect the nails and prevent chipping