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Nail Art Brushes

A good manicure starts with the right tools. Whether you’re a professional nail technician or a keen amateur with an in-home salon, the secret to creating impressive acrylics and stunning nail art alike is the right nail brush. From fine tip brushes for small, detailed work to gel and acrylic brushes, you’ll find everything you need to nail that look in our collection.

Why a good nail brush is a nail professional’s best friend

Investing in high-quality nail art brushes is a great way to elevate your craft and give you perfect results every time. The range of individual and nail brush sets from NSI Nails Australia are made from durable materials, so you can use and clean them over and over without losing bristles or performance over time. Create intricate designs with ease using our ultra-fine nail art brushes, or opt for a set to give you total control, whether you’re creating detailed geometric and abstract line work, ombre finishes or a watercolour effect. For amateur at-home nail artists, you’ll find that the quality of your manicures is immediately improved with nail brushes that can help you get flawless coverage and create shapes and designs with ease.

Get the best application of acrylic nails with a nail brush set

Our range of Kolinsky acrylic brushes come with a larger belly, which helps to retain acrylic monomer liquid, extending the time you have to shape and create each nail. Made from natural hair, with proper care and maintenance, your Kolinsky acrylic nail brushes will give you excellent, smooth results again and again. Choose from crimped and round brushes according to your preference and take your acrylic nail game to the next level.

Shop NSI Nails for premium nail brushes, Australia

No matter what level of nail artist you are, from the amateur to the professional technician, NSI Australia makes it easy to choose the right nail brushes for you. We’re passionate about researching and developing the best products for nail industry professionals and at-home nail artists, creating excellent nail supplies available at wholesale prices. Have a question about which one of our nail brush sets is right for you? Get in touch with our team for more expert advice.


Why should I shop with NSI Australia for nail brushes?

As the first company to ever introduce acrylic nails, NSI Australia is an industry leader. We’ve been perfecting our unique formulas and nail tools for decades and are committed to excellent quality control and providing satisfaction to our customers, regardless of their needs. When you need high-quality brushes you can rely on, look no further than NSI Nails Australia.

What type of brushes do NSI Nails sell?

From natural fibre acrylic nail brushes to fine nylon bristle nail art brushes and soft dusting brushes, our range offers a great selection of tools you need to perfect any manicure. Shop our nail brushes, manicure brushes, pigment sponges and storage solutions to keep your tools in top condition.