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Nail Art Accessories

Perfect your manicures with nail art accessories and nail care equipment 

Any nail artist worth their salt knows the importance of having high-quality nail care equipment on hand. 

Whether you’re searching for mixing boards to hold and display your nail art accessories, dipping powder trays for SNS or sturdy nail clippers and cuticle pushers to prep the nails for gel polish and acrylics, we have the essential nail care tools and equipment to kit out your salon.

Explore the range at NSI today to buy nail accessories online that are tried and rigorously tested by professionals to ensure they’re easy to use and of the highest quality.

Achieve the perfect set with the right nail care tools and equipment 

Whether you require a specific tool or are kitting out your salon for its official opening, our nail care tools and equipment simplify the manicure and pedicure process to ensure your clients are satisfied with their freshly painted set. Within our range of nail accessories online, you’ll find the following high-quality tools:

  • UV nail lamps — For fast and easy curing of builders, hard nail gel and Shellac, you need a UV nail lamp with an automatic timer that starts when the hand enters the light. Lightweight, compact and easy to move from one table to the next, our motion-activated nail lamps have low heat for improved comfort. Whether you purchase one or a dozen for every seat in your salon, you’ll always need lamps in your collection. 
  • Nail art powder pouring trays — Looking to reduce waste and increase the ease of clean-up and fallout? You need a pouring tray. With a removable spoon and a catch feature dipping powder system, our trays allow you to catch and reuse excess powder, so nothing goes to waste. 
  • Drill bits — With a smooth top for safer filing around the cuticles and sidewall areas, our drill tips are available in various sizes and are perfect for removing dead skin and calluses. 
  • Eclectic nail files — With a brushless motor handpiece that provides less vibration than any other electric file on the market, this tool is a must-have in your kit. Offering eight to 10 hours of working time, our electric files charge within 3 hours and have a digital display screen with battery and speed level icons. They’re lightweight, portable and include reverse and pause functions for easy use throughout the day. 
  • Display key rings — Swatch each polish and allow your customers to choose their favourite shade with our display rings. With 50 tips secured to a sturdy metal ring, you can easily swap out shades or add new ones into the mix when you have additional colours to display. 
  • Nail wipes — An essential in any nail care equipment kit, our medical-grade, lint-free disposable wipes make removing nail polish effortless. 
  • Stamper and scrapers — Our stampers transfer designs from stamping plates onto the nails, while our scrapers remove excess polish from the plate before stamping. If your salon specialises in nail art, such as stencilling, marbling or gradient and chrome effects, you’ll need this nail accessory tool. 

Buy nail accessories, nail care tools and equipment online today at NSI

From newly released products to nail art accessories, nail art tools, kits and must-have nail care equipment that simplifies the manicure and pedicure process, NSI has the tools you need to achieve the perfect set. 

Explore our range to buy nail accessories online today and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99. Need help finding the right nail accessories? Contact our team for expert advice and product recommendations. 


What are nail art accessories?

Nail art accessories are tools and materials used to create decorative designs on fingernails or toenails. From nail stickers to gems, beads, glitters, studs and stencils used to create fun designs with polish, nail accessories turn any manicure from simple to extraordinary with intricate details and playful touches. 

What nail art accessories do beginner nail techs need?

You’ll need nail polish, base and top coats, brushes, dotting tools, striping tape, rhinestones, glitter, nail art pens, stamping kits and clean-up brushes to erase any mistakes or excess polish around the edges of the nail. 

What tools do you need for nail art?

While it depends on the design and technique your client has requested, you’ll always need nail brushes in different sizes to create detail, stamping kits and plates to transfer designs onto nails, files to create the perfect shape, buffer blocks to add smoothness and shine and cuticle pushers for a clean and professional finish. With these nail care accessories, you can create flawless designs your clients will love.