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Nail UV LED Lamps

You too can achieve beautifully manicured and painted nails. Our nail polish home systems for sale employ the same technologies at those salons and are not complicated to operate at all. Here at Nail Systems International Australia, we stock LED / UV Dual Cure Nail Lamps for sale that are suitable for personal use or even at a home salon. With our new UV or LED nail lamps, you can achieve perfect looking nails for yourself or your customers quickly and easily

Choose Professional LED & UV Nail Lamps

Are you new to professionally done gel nails? LED and UV nail lamps have been for sale in the market for many years and are still one of the most popular nail systems Australian professionals choose to use. Both LED and UV nail lamps work by activating the gel cure painted onto your nails into a solid enhancement that has a beautiful finish and is more durable than traditional air-drying nail polish.

LED & UV on average last much longer than old UV bulbs, it is more important that you change old once their lifespan is up and purchase our superior Nail Lamps. If you continue using old bulbs in UV or LED nail lamps, the final result of your gel nails may be uneven as the curing process is not done optimally. From dull gel nail finishes to brittle gels that chip easily, they can result in even more wastage than you expected.

Are UV / LED nail lamps safe?

While they are different technologies, both UV and LED nail lamps for sale dry gel cures that are painted onto nails. LED lights emit light that have narrower wavelengths than UV. As a result, LED nail lamps have higher concentration and energy emitted, allowing for a faster gel curing processing than with a UV nail lamp. This means you need slightly less time to complete your manicure colours. Our UV & LED Nail Lamps are so safe that direct everyday sunlight actually admits more rays. At the end of the day, both UV and LED nail lamps are used at professional nail salons so you can rest assured you are getting salon grade tools for your gel nails.

Get Your UV / LED Nail Lamps Within Australia

Get your preferred nail system for sale at Nail Systems International Australia. Our system is capable of using either UV or LED technology to achieve quick-drying shiny gel nails. It allows for the curing of all five fingers on one hand at the same time, all while being light, compact and stylish looking. Our UV / LED nail lamp system also comes with an Australian plug so you can start using immediately for yourself and for your customers.

Finish nail curing in no time, add our smart UV / LED Dual Cure Nail Lamp in your cart now! Alternatively, keep browsing our manicure accessories and nail art tools including portable nail drill, nail drill bits and gel polish.