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Miracle Gel In A Jar

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The perfect Gel for doing gel extensions and soft gel press on nail sets! Plus its HEMA Free!

Benefits over standard Press On Gels / Gel Extension Gel bottles that our Miracle Gel In A Jar Provides:

  • Stronger hold to all gel nail tips.
  • No more air bubbles and a perfect filled apex under your tips.
  • Does not run onto cuticles or into sidewalls.
  • Is excellent and ideal in it's thickness and consistency for perfect results.
  • Is much easier to control, apply and move as you desire. 
  • Comes in beautiful Crystal and Gold 20gram capacity Jar.
  • Has a cost friendly Refill Pod option for when your Beautiful Jar runs out and needs new Miracle Gel to be put inside it.

Miracle Gel In A Jar known as MIAJ is the new hottest product by NSI! 

Everyone loves Builder Gel In A Bottle, known as BIAB for doing Hard Gel Nails, well now we also have Miracle Gel In A Jar as the new MIAJ for doing Soft Gel Extension nail sets and services! 

Get Yours Now and try NSI's market leading gel for yourself!

  • How To Use & Apply:
  1. Start with basic preparation of nails, buffing filing and dusting.
  2. Use a simple nail tool such as a cuticle pusher to take a small sized bead of gel at a time.
  3. Place the gel from the back edge of the your finger or gel tip and adjust it by lightly pressing down and applying your gel tip towards the free edge until it fits the nail surface evenly.
  4. Finally cure for 60 seconds in UV or LED Nail lamp. 

Helpful tips:

  1. Do not twist or take the gel multiple times which can cause air bubbles.
  2. Do not rub it with your hands, grease and dust on your fingers will reduce the viscosity and adhesive strength of the gels.
  3. Use a gel brush and a nail cleanser liquid to remove any overflow during application if you need to.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
We're on to a winner!

Great product, easy to use. I wish I had ordered this a lot earlier.

Wilma S.
I absolutely love this product. No mess, no fuss and quick.

I absolutely love this product it is so easy to use. No mess, no fuss and quick.

Good product cute jar.

So far seems to be good product. I did expect for the price the "crystal" jar would be glass and not plastic. Shipping was very fast.

Game changer

Used it today for the first time and just wow!! Feels firmly attached and so quick and less mess. Am buying up more!

@ p.
Perfect Nails Every Time

I have used this a few times now, and what a game-changer it is. I love the ease of its use, and the longevity of it is just amazing. It's my go-to for all my full-cover tips now.