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Glitter Sequins Gel Born Pretty

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8 Colours To Choose From, All Super Bright And Shiny with 4 Colours Glow In The Dark (BGS01 to BGS04).

    Size: 5ml Jar and all Hema Free.

      How to use ~ Glitter Sequins Gel

      Take a nice bead of Gel Polish with your brush. Dab the glitter sequins onto the nail in a particular light touch, move the gel and place the sequins where you want. Use the tip of the brush to adjust the sequins and then cure into the lamp 30s LED - 60s in UV. Apply Reinforcement Gel or a Builder Gel, this is to encapsulate all the sequins & finish with a smooth surface on the nails before using your topcoat, and to get a smooth finished surface. Cure into LED Lamp for 60s and UV Lamp for 2mn. Clean the nail using Cleanse. Apply your topcoat and cure into the lamp LED 60s and UV for 2mn. Et Voilå! Beautiful sparkling nails!

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Vicky S.
      Super sparkly and glows in the dark!

      Both me and my friend bought these and they are exactly what I wanted. I'm going on holiday on Friday and wanted to have sparkly everything! They're great, really recommend. You'll definitely need a top coat as the product is tacky after UV, but that's super normal.

      Tammy S.
      Glitter sequins

      Absolutely gorgeous. These are stunning. Will be ordering every colour

      Just stunning

      Simply gorgeous in daylight and stunning at night

      The Wow Factor

      I love these easy to apply, look absolutely fabulous. They sparkle like crazy. They give my nails the wow factor. These are my new favourite nails.

      Judy D.
      Stunning Gels!

      Wow!!! These gels are so easy to use, file and buff. The sparkles and glitter are brilliant. The glow is beautiful 🤩