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Reinforcement Gel Trubuty Born Pretty 15ml

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Reinforcement Gel provides your natural nails with extra strength and protection.

Apply this gel on your natural nails, prior to your other nail products or tips. It helps prevent weak nails from cracking and splitting.

The perfect gel product to help your natural nails regrow nice and strong underneath your other nail products you apply. You can do any other gels on top like simple gel polish, soft gel tips, builder gels and more. Helping your natural nails to stay strong and healthy underneath!

This Reinforcement Gel can be used as a very strong reinforcement Base under other products on top.

How do you use reinforcement gel?

  1. Prepare your nails with slight filing, buffing or shaping, apply a base coat and cure.
  2. Apply Reinforcement Gel on your nails and cure for 1 to 2 mins in a Nail Lamp.
  3. Apply a Top Coat to finish.
  1. If you wish to do a colour, don't apply step 3 above yet.
  2. Apply a layer of gel polish colour on top and cure in Nail Lamp.
  3. Repeat a 2nd layer of gel polish colour for a nice even colour look.
  4. Now apply the finishing top coat, and cure for 1-2 mins.

Very easy and very simple, a very loved product for your nails!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Really does work

I have very soft nails, and have tried so many products that promise the world and deliver very limited success. Finally a product easy to use that actually delivers the extra strength I have been looking for. Would recommend this product 100%.

Reinforcement Gel TRUBUTY Born Pretty 15ml

Hope to try it out soon. Hope it help my natural nails

Heather S.

I'm hoping to try this at the weekend and hope it will help strengthen my natural nails


Does what it says perfect

First attempt at cured gels!

Amateur nail colour loving grandma here… nails haven’t coped with my latest phase of lacquering and outdoor work and I read about these newfangled gels which strengthen and protect the nail. I have managed to get this on as a base coat then as a slight builder at the tips with forms. I put an absolutely lovely same brand translucent pink baby boomer gel over it, then did a topcoat with a gel in the same line. Smitten with the results, nails appear to be now bombproof as well as looking great.