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Essential Base Coat

SKU 8802

Essential Base Coat is a LED and UV curable gel base coat that provides exceptional adhesion to the natural nail.

Strong Base that Sticks!

Base Coat is a LED and UV curable gel base that protects the nail, prevents lifting and bonds the natural nail to the enhancement.

It works great under gel polish too! This thin layer of Base Coat gel ensures that proper bonding and adhesion of your enhancement product will occur.

Sculpting Gel Enhancements: Base Coat should be applied after the application of Essential Bond, before beginning to build your enhancement.

Covalently bonds to the natural nail and the product for exceptional adhesion.

Base Coat prevents lifting, and improves the wear of Gel Polish and Hard Gel Systems.

Provides Exceptional Adhesion when used with Gel Polish and Hard Gel Systems
Flexible, yet durable, making it safe to use on natural nails.
Contains Vitamins C&E
Cures in any Full Hand LED & UV Lamp – Eliminating Long Dry Times – Use the Dual Cure Lamp!


After proper nail prep, apply an even layer of Base Coat to all five fingers. Cure in the Dual Cure Lamp in LED for 30 seconds or UV for 2 minutes. Base Coat creates an ultra adhesive base layer to start your nail service.

Natural Nail Prep

Spray yours and your client’s hands with Purify and gently massage. Push back cuticle and gently remove the shine with a Endurance 180/180 Grit Buffer. Using a Nail Wipe saturated with Nailpure Plus, press and rub into natural nail.
Apply Essential Bond to the natural nail. Remove the brush from the bottle and wipe along the edge of the bottle, then brush onto two natural nails. Re-dip the brush and repeat the process until the nails are coated. Allow to dry for one minute. They will not appear chalky white.
If your client has had prior nail enhancements and has experienced lifting problems, it is recommended to first apply Essential Bond Enhancer to the natural nail after use of Nailpure Plus, then continue with the next step.
Apply an even layer of Essential Base Coat, this thin layer will ensure that proper bonding and adhesion will occur for the subsequent layers. Cure in Dual Cure Lamp, LED for 30 seconds or UV for 2 minutes.

Products Essential Base Coat Works With:

Polish Pro Gel Polish System
Balance Gel System
Balance PolyPaste
Rubber Base

Size: 15m bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sofia R.
Great Base coat!

Product keeps my nails from chipping or damaging of the polish. Great essential!

John R.

I am always happy with my purchases this time I got a uv/led base coat amd it works like a charm👍..... NSI is 1 of my most trusted stops for my nail enhancement products I feel like I'm in safe hands with this company and I like 2 support Aussie company's ❤️ 🇦🇺

Tammy H.
Great product and speedy shipping


Karen C.
Base coat

Love the base coat..never have any lifting issues or cracking issues


It's a great base coat. Has the perfect viscosity for a base coat. It smooths the nail plate easily to create the best surface for whatever comes after.