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Nail Preparation

Nail Preparation

With any nail products on natural nails or extensions enhancements, whether it is nail polish or a full set of tips, the nail preparation is the most important. Proper nail preparation ensures that the products don't lift and last longer.

Start the nail treatment by a good wash of hands, use a nail brush and a non greasy anti bacterial soap, to ensure all dirt and oils are removed. Make sure all your utensils and tools are cleaned and sanitized and your hands are cleaned. Use Purify ~ NSI - Fast acting antiseptic spray on the hands ~ it has a refreshing citrus scent. This fast antiseptic sanitizer reduces the spread of infection, it’s also a great item for keeping everything sanitized ; hands, work areas, and for implements & tools. Easy to store in handbags, at home or in cars to keep hands cleaned and germ free.

Take a lint free nail wipe soaked with NSI NailPure Plus and wipe scrub the nails. This product dehydrates the nails and ensures a dust and oil free surface to work on.

Gently tidy the cuticles. Use a sanitized TECH TOOL or CURETTE Cuticle Pusher to push the Eponychium back and remove the dead skin cells from the nail bed. Gently cut away if any excess of cuticle with cuticle nippers. The removal of the dead skin cells is important as they could retain moisture causing the product to lift.

For a basic manicure gently file the nail into the desired shape.

For nail enhancements cut the natural nail shorter. File the shortened natural nail using the NSI Endurance Nail Buffer 180/240 Grit. Any other grit that is lower than 180 grit will be too harsh on the natural nails. The Endurance buffer 180/240 is perfect for prep on natural nails, and also its use for nail enhancement preparation is great for acrylics, gels and gel polish services.

Gently remove the shine of the nails. Remove all dust from the nails with the NSI Plush Brush Nail Dusting Brush Sanitizable and then again wipe the nails cleaned with a lint free wipe soaked with NSI NailPure Plus. If you are doing a manicure, the nails are now ready for painting.

NSI Essential Bond ENHANCER - PH BALANCER can be use to maximize the adhesion of any nail service. It's a PH Balancer and a nail dehydrator. It works in 3-5 seconds leaving the natural nail plate ready for the primer, glue or polish depending on the service. It works with any system.

For enhancements apply NSI Primer ESSENTIAL BOND Acid-Free PRIMER or SUPER BOND Nail Primer, or SUPER Nail Primer, or the PRIMER that works always best with its system, making sure you do not put any product on the cuticle, skin nor sidewalls. Brush the product on and stay at least 1mm away from the cuticle. Allow to dry.

ESSENTIAL BOND Acid-Free PRIMER, it covalently bonds to the natural nail and the enhancement product for an exceptional adhesion. This non-acid primer provides maximum strength, adhesion and is easy to use.

SUPER BOND Nail Primer is the original primer formula used in the nail industry, it does contains Methacrylic Acid to promote even a stronger adhesion. Use sparingly – a little goes a long way! This primer is well known for its super strong adhesion for those clients that are tougher with their hands and are more prone to lifting.

Remember, you get the best results by using products as a system (brand or line of products) - No MIX => No MESS! By trying to mix products from other brands, lines or systems, you are actually risking incompatibility, lack of cohesion, poor results, service break downs and it will be very difficult for you to do any troubleshooting.

The best results are obtained when working as a system.

The prep is now done and you can continue with the application of the Acrylic system or Gel system or Gel Polish system or Air Dry Acrylic Dipping system on the nails. See the ATTRACTION ACRYLIC SYSTEM or BALANCE GEL SYSTEM or ACRYLIC AIR DRY DIPPING SYSTEM.

For our Gel Polish System, see our GEL POLISHES and POLISH PRO.

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