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Nail Care 101: Tips For Healthy & Beautiful Nails

Nail Care 101: Tips For Healthy & Beautiful Nails

We all want beautiful, well-manicured nails. But if you don’t invest the time and tools into proper nail care, you’ll never reach your natural nail goals or have a strong nail base that can support extensions. Whether you want stronger natural nails that you can grow out for manicures or want your nails to feel good in between services for extensions and gel manicures, here are our top nail tips for keeping them healthy, strong and beautiful.

  1. Keep nails clean and maintained

Nail health starts with the very basics. No matter what you do to make them look aesthetically pleasing, you need a clean foundation to avoid breaking, cuticle damage and other problems.

Regular time should be taken to file the edge to your desired length and shape, gently push back (but never cut!) the cuticle, and moisturise your hands and nails so they’re clean and well-maintained. In general, washing your hands for 30 seconds after coming in contact with any mess or contaminants will help keep your nails free from bacteria and stay as healthy as possible.

  1. Sanitise nail care tools

Even if you just use nail care tools at home for your own use, it’s important to sanitise everything regularly. Wash them with warm soapy water for metal tools, followed by an alcohol cleanser to remove bacteria and other potential sources of infection. Even if they were only used on one pair of hands, nail care tools can hold onto these nasties, risking you with infection and unsanitary contamination.

If you work with clients from your home or in a salon, you should always sanitise all tools after every use and take advantage of disposable nail essentials like files and cuticle pushers where appropriate. Along with cleaning nail care tools, make sure your working area is free from dust and other unsanitary debris from the skin and nails.

  1. Work with the nail

No matter what goal you have in mind for the finished result, it’s important to work with your nails — not against them — to maintain their beauty and health. File in one direction only to minimise the risk of ragged edges and jagged breakage. Buff very gently and work with the grain of your nail for a smoother result.

Maintaining nail health can also mean taking a break from nail polish and extensions when you need to. If you’ve had a bad experience with a manicure that left your nails stained, weak or brittle, consider taking some time to let your natural nail recover.

  1. Use a nourishing nail oil for strength

Speaking of in-between services, using nail oil is a great opportunity to add extra nourishment to nails that may be prone to breakage and brittle. Try doing so just after a shower when your natural nails are uncovered, as this is when they’re at their softest and most absorbent. Massage in the nail oil and replenish the nail’s natural oils for a moisturised result.

  1. Promote growth with a cuticle oil

Dry and jagged cuticles can also be a pain, but resist the temptation to start cutting them down severely — this only removes the natural seal provided by the cuticle that protects against infections. Using cuticle oil can promote growth and help soften the cuticle so it can be gently pushed back using an orange stick to stock hangnails and keep your nails as healthy as possible.

  1. Get extra protection from manicures

Especially when your goal is length, a traditional or gel manicure can actually lend strength and durability to your natural nail, allowing it to grow out and protecting it during the day. Make sure your nail is buffed and smooth, and protect the nail plate from staining or additional dryness by laying down a protective base coat. Then, continue with your favourite manicure to keep your nail health flourishing.

  1. Always take as much care removing as you do when applying nail products

Finishing your nails with gorgeous nail art is more exciting than removing a chipped manicure or some grown-out extensions. But how you remove your nail polish, gels or acrylics is crucial to maintaining nail health.

Depending on the type of manicure you have, removing it may involve soaking in nail polish remover, filing down the extension with a nail drill or gently scraping and buffing to reveal the nail’s natural surface. Whatever the case is, never pick at or try to pry off an old manicure. This will risk lifting layers of your natural nail, damaging the integrity of the nail plate, causing bumps and leading to other unevenness that won’t go away until you grow it out. Invest in good quality nail remover products that aren’t harsh on nails but effectively strip away products without harming your natural nail underneath. Finish with nourishing cuticle oil to promote nail growth and health.

Have natural, beautiful nails with NSI Australia products

Nail care isn’t difficult, but it requires a consistent approach and the best quality materials to support nail health. At NSI Australia, we make it easy for anyone to get the best nail tools and products to keep their nails looking beautiful and feeling healthy. Shop the newest arrivals in our online store, and maintain your nail health in style with our range of professional nail care. 

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