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Lifting issues & their main causes

Lifting Issues & Their Main Causes

Lifting issues and their main causes: 
  • Preparation
  • Application
  • Mix Ratio
  • Salon Environment.

Explainations / Solutions

    • Product / brush contamination - Alters chemistry and affects product performance (use a dedicated brush for different monomers and clean/store brushes properly).
    • Product applied too thin - It is important to build the apex for strength and to taper the edges thin for flexibility.
    • Weak supporting structure - The health and integrity of the natural nail will give the enhancement the proper foundation (avoid filing aggressively, rough abrasives and drills on the natural nail).
    • Drills - Drills may cause micro-shattering of uncured product : a)Learn proper drill techniques. b) You may need to apply the product a little thicker to compensate for drilling.
    • Nipping - Nipping destroys the nail plate and can lead to onycholysis (learn preventative techniques to maintain the health of the enhancement foundation).
    • Improper Mix Ratio : a) Avoid using product too wet (it causes shrinkage and may result in the product pulling away from nail). b) Avoid using product too dry (it may cause a lack of cohesion as too little monomer will not properly hold the structure together).
    •  Improper prep - Leaving moisture and contaminates behind will block proper adhesion (make sure that the natural nail is thoroughly cleansed and dehydrated).
    • Touching the surrounding skin with your brush - This is a sure way to overexpose your client and block adhesion (leave a tiny margin along the sidewalls and cuticle area).
    • Not using complete systems - It is always best to work within a system to benefit from the synergistic effects of the product.
    • Seasonal change - Changes in temperature and humidity can negatively affect the mix ratio (recalibrate to compensate).
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