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Lash Extension Trends: Staying Current With The Latest Styles & Techniques

Lash Extension Trends: Staying Current With The Latest Styles & Techniques

The lash extension and styling industry is slaying. A recent study shows that the lash extension market is projected to reach a global valuation of US$2.40 billion (around AU$3.4 billion) by 2031

And as the market gets bigger, you'll also notice more competitors out there. Staying in the loop with the latest techniques can help you stand out and effortlessly adapt to your customers’ changing needs.

As a leader in beauty courses online, NSI Australia walks you through the latest styles and trends that every successful lash technician should know.

  • Glisten and glow with wet-look lashes

    Wet-look lashes exude a fresh, vibrant glow accompanied by lush volume. This trend replicates that glossy and spiky finish that naturally graces your lashes after a refreshing shower, a leisurely day at the beach or a surprise encounter with rain.

    Contrary to standard lash extensions that aim to create a softer, fluffier look, wet-look lashes appear more textured and thicker on your lash line. Depending on lash weight and your natural lash strength, around three to eight extensions may be applied to a single natural lash without fanning.

    Master this trend by signing up for our lash extension course in Australia.

  • Look kawaii with manga lashes 

    Manga or anime lashes are taking TikTok by storm, thanks to Toronto-based user, Sarah Cheung, who discovered the trend on a Chinese social media app and decided to test it out.

    Manga-style lash extensions are known for their long, pointed clusters that extend along both the upper and lower lash lines. This beauty trend draws inspiration from characters in Japanese comic books and graphic novels known for their spiky lashes and doll-like gazes.

    Manga lashes are achieved by carefully spacing out clusters or individual lashes.

    Longer hairs stand out from the shorter, feathery ones, resulting in a separated effect. By mixing classic and volume lashes, you create the illusion of larger, more expressive eyes. Enrolling in an online lash extension course is the best way to perfect this technique.

  • Level up your classic cat-eye look

    Who doesn’t love a classic cat eye? This trend blends the charm of traditional cat-eye eyeliner with the sultry flair of voluminous lashes. It’s perfect for individuals with round and almond-shaped eyes.

    Cat-eye lashes produce a dramatic, winged effect that draws attention to the eyes' outer corners. Lashes are thickest towards the eyelid's outer edges, making the eye appear longer and slender. This style helps balance eye shape, refine contours and even make the face appear slimmer.

  • Look divine with angel lashes

    Angel lashes are known for their weightless and wispy appearance. They’re made by combining classic lashes with light closed-volume lashes for an ethereal look. This emerging lash trend is ideal for those who want to achieve a gentle and dreamy aesthetic.

    Crafted from lighter and finer lashes, angel lash designs feature delicate closed fan spikes that are fairly thin to evoke a soft but dark-at-the-base illusion. To achieve the perfect wispy texture, keep the bottom layer lashes shorter than the top layer.

    If you want to expand your expertise and curate your own stunning sets of angel lashes, check out our lash extension course online.

  • Turn heads with textured lashes

    Textured lashes add a touch of enchantment to your gaze. This trend is all about those dainty fringes, delicate feathers and subtle twists, offering impressive volume while maintaining a natural appearance.

    This emerging trend uses a hybrid lash application method made popular by the Kardashians in which classic and volume lashes are combined to produce a dramatic effect.

    Textured lashes provide instant allure to your no-makeup makeup vibe. They're ideal for those days when you want to step up your look without diving into full-on glam mode.

    Hybrid lash extensions serve as an excellent middle ground for clients who have tried classic lashes but are still wary about transitioning to volume lashes. They'll give your client the chance to try more voluminous lashes without fully committing to a total transformation.

  • Go for a bolder look with Russian volume lashes

    Russian volume lashes are the divas of the lash world. While other trends emphasise natural softness, these lashes practically shout, "Look at me!" Their luxurious volume commands attention and leaves a lasting impression.

    Russian lash extensions are finer and lighter than classic lashes. This thinness allows for multiple extensions to be attached on each natural lash, creating more defined results. Typically arranged in a fan-like shape, Russian volume lashes create a thicker-looking lash line. This trend is ideal for individuals looking to fill in gaps between sparse lashes or address age-related lash loss.

  • Add a pop of colour to your face

    Coloured lash extensions are making a comeback, adding a playful and personalised twist to your lash game. From subtle pastels to daring shades, the possibilities are endless!

    Consider the eye's natural colour when selecting lashes:

    • Brown eyes would beautifully complement blue and green lashes. 
    • Purple lashes can provide depth and intensity to blue and hazel eyes. 
    • Pair pink lashes with green eyes to create a captivating contrast. 
    • Match orange lashes with blue eyes to achieve a bold intensity.

    This thoughtful approach would lead to more cohesive and gorgeous results.

    Upskill and grow your business with lash extension courses in Australia

    In the ever-evolving lash industry, knowing the latest trends, products and techniques is key to success. Signing up for beauty courses can help you continuously refine your skills and diversify your offerings.

    At NSI Australia, we offer a comprehensive lash extension course that empowers you to sharpen your skills and attract and retain clients.

    Sign up for our beauty courses online and learn from the best! Want to know more about our products and courses? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll be happy to help!

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