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Burning, Itching, Redness or Irritations ~ main causes

Burning, Itching, Redness Or Irritations ~ Main Causes

The main causes of issues for :

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Throbbing
  • Redness
  • Irritations

are found into the Preparation, Application, Mix Ratio and Salon Environment.


Chemical overexposure - Skin tissue has been irritated or sensitized.

    • Use the correct mix ratio (beads that are too wet can flood the soft tissue).
    • Never touch the surrounding skin with your brush.
    • Never use monomer without polymer.
    • Swabbing under the free edge can cause the hyponychium to remain firmly attached, resulting in inverse pterigium.
    • Never allow primer to touch surrounding skin.

    Physical abuse to the nail beds.

      • Avoid over-filing and rough abrasives.
      • Never drill on the natural nail plate.
      • Never nip product that is sealed.
      • Use caution when removing product.

      Exothermic reactions - Excessive heat can be created during application when the natural nail has been thinned, the product is too wet, or heat is used to cure product (i.e. blow dryers, high wattage light bulbs), product applied too thick.

      Excessive shrinkage - Too much shrinkage of product can occur when the mix ratio is too wet. Shrinkage places pressure on the nail bed.

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