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Best Tools for Acrylic Nails

Best Tools for Acrylic Nails

 Put your hands on the BEST TOOLS & products for Acrylic Nails!

✍️ The Perfect PREP is a must!

Here are some of the PREPARATION products available for the perfect PREP and adhesion, therefore longevity of the nails.
You can learn more about Nail Preparation in our blog: Nail Preparation.

✍️  IMPORTANT TOOL: A good brush is the best tool and it needs to be big enough at the belly-barrel, as the belly is the part of the brush that will keep enough of the nail liquid for you to work your bead onto the nails and therefore you will gain enough time for moving the product where you want, before the acrylic is setting.

 See also our blog : How to clean your Brush.

✍️ Let the product work for you! And for this you need a good self leveling Acrylic System like the ATTRACTION ACRYLIC SYSTEM. It gives the ease for the user to create captivating enhancements effortlessly. The unique flow and spring back action are unsurpassed. See and try our ATTRACTION line of Liquid and Powders, and the Primer ATTRACT ~ it's a fantastic trio of products together =>  best results as a “trio system”: 




✍️ File with a smile with the ENDURANCE FILES AND BUFFER.

These files can be washed and sanitized, soaked submerged for 10 min into a disinfectant solution and then let to dry on a pad.
ENDURANCES FILES AND ENDURANCE BUFFER are lasting 4 times longer than other files. Their bridge shape is excellent for comfort in the hand and also for using the straight side for filing straight lines (eg. parallel sidewalls) and by using the bridge side go into quick turning motions for a fast finishing.

✍️ Lower are the numbers on the files = Coarser is the Grit.

The 80/80 & 100/100 Grit are the coarser ones in the line, used to remove existing product.

The 150/150 Grit is used to shape the nails and also the work on the barrel of the nails and apex.

The 180/180 Grit is for finishing, also used for PREP.

The Buffer 180/240 Grit is perfect for both PREP and finishing near the cuticle and sidewalls areas and,  as a buffer for smoothing the nails before the topcoat application.

NSI Endurance Nail Files

Must Have Nail Tools

Best Nail Files

✍️ Protect your work with a good TOPCOAT. The best long lasting Topcoats are the ones that are curable under a nail Lamp UV or LED, as these formulations of Topcoats are way more waterproof than normal air-drying topcoats that can only give you a shine on the surface of the nails.

GLAZE’N GO is the perfect enhancement finisher. No need for a heavy final buffing.
Just clean the nails with CLEANSE and apply :

GLAZE'N GO (UV - cure 90s)

GLAZE'N GO (LED/UV - and UV too, yes!) and cure into the LED nail lamp for 60s - in the UV Nail lamp for 120s.

Nail Lamps that are 36 Watts minimum are best to cure Nail Products properly.

NSI Nail Top Coat Tack Free 

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