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PolyGel Kit with Nail Lamp LED

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PolyGel Kit with PolyExtend Nail Forms so amazing! A great nail kit including everything you need!

PolyGel can be used for doing great nail extensions by sculpting an extension or adding a layer of protection using nail forms as guides. It's the newest and easiest way to build an enhancement. Great for first time nail lovers or even nail techs looking to expand into gels.

Polygel Viscosity is: A Thick easy to handle Paste.

Skill required:Ideal for all levels and especially great for beginners.

Our PolyGel Kit Contains Everything in Picture:

  • 1x 30gram PolyExtend Gel Tube in Clear
  • 1x 30gram PolyExtend Gel Tube in Pink
  • 1x 15ml Nail Primer
  • 1x Dual Brush & Spatula Tool
  • 1x 60ml Bottle of Slip Solution
  • 1x Reusable Nail Tip Guides 120ct
  • 1x Nail Tips Clip / Clamp to hold when curing.
  • + Nail Lamp SUNUV X5Plus UV/LED Dual Cure with 36 Leds 80 watts.

How to use: Can be used for easy building on top of your nails. Ideal to be used for natural nails, tip and overlay. Must be cured in a UV or LED Nail Lamp.

Step 1: Apply your Nail primer onto your nails

Step 2: Being by dipping the brush hair end of your Spatula Tool into the liquid slip solution and dab the excess liquid off the brush. Be sure to not wipe away too much of the slip solution from the brush. The slip solution helps to move the PolyGel and will keep it from sticking to the brush.

Step 3: Pad the Polygel paste into the nail tip forms to your desired shape and then place this gel filled tip onto your nails, Apply the Polygel plastic clip to hold in place and cure under a UV or LED Nail Lamp for 60 second.

Step 4: Remove Finger from lamp and pop off the plastic tip while leaving on your nails the cured polygel shape you had made. Simply now file this polygel into shape as you like and repeat on the rest of your nails.

More detailed informational guide below:


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