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Acrylic Nails ~ Attraction System

Acrylic Nails ~ Attraction System

NSI ATTRACTION ACRYLIC SYSTEM is an easy new-user friendly system - easy for students and newbies in the beauty industry, and for the nail artists that are swapping from another brand. Here is why!
The system is so practical with its very unique feel and spring back action of the product, the
Acrylic Nail Liquid - ATTRACTION has a trio-monomer composite technology, that draws and attract the powder to the brush like a magnet for a quicker easier bead pick up. This make this system a lot more friendlier for new users and newbies students than other brands.
The system works itself perfectly with a fantastic self-leveling action and by simply using the easiest classic and traditional medium wet mix ratio. It will deliver exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility without the worries of working with a new product.

Before starting, remember:
✍️ the Natural Nail Prep is a must, see our Blog on NAIL PREPARATION.
✍️ the brush is your most important tool for creating thin, beautiful and properly designed nail enhancements. NSI has lots of great brushes ~ The better the brush, the better the craftsmanship!

MIX RATIO: these are easy steps to follow below see our blog on Mix Ratio too.
Submerge your brush completely into a glass dappen dish of Acrylic Nail Liquid - ATTRACTION  or Acrylic Nail Liquid - UNIVERSAL and flatten hairs to saturate the brush. This will prevent dry powder particles on the nail and it will force out any oxygen trapped around the brush hairs. Complete saturation is recommended at the beginning of each use.
Wipe the brush along the sides of the dappen dish / jar to release excess liquid. The more liquid you remove the smaller the bead pick up, while still maintaining a medium wet mix. Leave larger amounts of liquid for larger beads that may be required.
Dip the flags of your brush into the powder. Hold and press until desired bead size has been achieved. The bead should be medium wet, looking slightly frosted and dimpled with no loose powder. When the bead is placed on the nail, it should level about 25%, stay round and circle (if a round brush is used), its look should be shiny and self levelllng on the nail. When it is pressed, it should move where you want it without running all over or being unable to press. Mix ratio can vary and for the best results, you may have to alter and readjust your mix ratio slightly depending on the weather conditions for your area, room temperature, pigments or glitters if some contained into your powder.
When dropping the bead on the nail, lift your brush for a brief moment, look at it self leveling ~ this is the beauty of a good high quality acrylic system! YES ! a good acrylic should be self-leveling, giving you more time and the ease to work and guide the product where you want onto the nails.
Press the bead gently without cutting into it, use the belly-barrel of the brush: that’s where you have the most of your liquid helping the bead to stay moveable and playable. Continue pressing it from side to side to evenly distribute the product.

✍️Use the correct mix ratio  ~ For acrylic application, here are some pictures on how to test your acrylic beads.
Place a bead of product directly on the apex of a clean acrylic nail tip. Do not pat or push it down, just observe it for ten seconds. If it’s too wet, it will settle and flow outward immediately or drop by half within those ten seconds, losing most of its original shape. if it’s too dry, the height and shape will be completely unchanged after ten seconds, be difficult to keep in place, and will look crusty.
The perfect consistency will look like frosted glass.
Read more in our Blog: MIX RATIO 

Acrylic beads

Product placement by Zone:
ZONE 1 - The TIP , Smile Line, Extension edge

✍️ Zone sculpting is a way to structurally create the enhancement for strength and beauty, while eliminating excessive filing.


Nail Zone Sculpting

Tip, Smile Line and Extension edge - Zone 1
Choose a white powder to use in the NSI White Acrylic Powders ~ Attraction or Secrets Powders.
By using the mix ratio method above, place a medium sized bead near the smile line in zone 1, and using the tip of the brush, gently press the smile line into place guiding and slightly pushing the product into the corner of the smile line. Keep the brush handle angled downward which will help to keep the smile line edge thicker and will also taper the extension edge.
Clean any excess product from your brush and roll it cleaned back into a fine point. To crisp and define the smile line, back brush while the product is still moveable.

For Zones 2 and 3 - Stress Area and Cuticle Area -  Use Pinks, natural Sheer Pink, or Masking covering Opaque Pinks, or a Clear Powder from the ATTRACTION POWDERS range.
Use the same mix ratio method above and drop the bead just slightly beyond the smile line. Very lightly, feather into the smile line. Be careful not to drag product over the white smile line. The intensity of the pink and the opacity will cover or camouflage the white.
Continue in zone 3, leaving a tiny margin around the cuticle and sidewalls, and yes - this is very important! By leaving a little gap of approximately 2mm, this will assure that you are not overexposing your client and ensure that enough space of a gap is kept for the Topcoat Glaze'n Go Tack-Free Top Coat LED/UV Sealant to have a good bonding grip between the product and the natural nails -> it will allow GLAZE'N GO to do its job as a Waterproof Sealant Topcoat and leave enough room for sealing the enhancement you’ve just created, for a longer and stronger adhesion and therefore for more longevity.
If additional product is needed to create the apex, use a small bead of ATTRACTION TOTALLY CLEAR or CRYSTAL CLEAR in zone 2.
Allow product to set until you can hear a “click” when lightly tapping with a Tech Tool Cuticle pusher onto the nails.

For an overlay, you can also use 1 colour of acrylic powder of your choice to cover the whole nails - Zone 1, 2 and 3.
You can use  TOTALLY CLEAR POWDER, or CRYSTAL CLEAR or SHEER PINK or other pinks that are Masking Opaque Pinks. Use the same mix ratio. These powders are sheer, translucent or clear or opaques Masking and covering for the masking ones and they can all be used in all 3 zones. Allow product to set, until you hear a “click”.

The Balance of the nail enhancements is very important. The shape of the nail is very important to constructing a nail enhancement, especially a sculpted extension. For a nail extension to be structurally sound, it must have an apex located over the stress area and in proportion to the length of the extension. For short, natural nails, this is the center of the nail, and for longer extensions, the apex is just slightly down from the middle of the nail toward the cuticle. Angling your brush when applying acrylic at the cuticle area helps create a natural arch toward the apex.

The Finishing will ensure that the shape is defined at the outer edge, flush at the cuticle line, flush along the sidewalls and nails are thinner at the extension edge. Refine surface and check for proper design and apex placement.

Remove the dust with an NSI Plush Brush Nail Dusting Brush Sanitizable. Buff to a high shine with a Nail Shiner Block Buffer and re-hydrate the skin and the Cuticle Natural Nail Care - Nurture Oil.

Nail Top Coat Glaze'n Go Tack Free LED/UV

Or Apply GLAZE'N GO Topcoat Sealant.

Now available as a Topcoat Sealant curable LED (+ UV).

Condition surrounding skin with NURTURE OIL.

✍️Balance is key ~ a well balanced and designed enhancement will maintain the longevity as well as the beauty and toughness while the nail grows out.

Nail Cuticle Oil -  NSI Nurture Cuticle Oil

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