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FUNGUS KILLER - Nail Antifungal Treatment Hand and Feet

SKU 338000
  • Fungus Killer Clear - Nail Antifungal 7ml Treatment kills fungus of the skin around and adjacent to nail areas.
  • This is a powerful antifungal agent.
  • The FDA approved ingredient, Miconazole Nitrate kills the fungi on the skin that most commonly cause fungal nail infections and bacterial infections growing underneath your nail.

Step 1 Clean the affected area and dry thoroughly.

Step 2 Use glass dropper to apply a thin layer of this product over affected area twice daily (morning and night), or as directed by a doctor.

Step 3 Application to the adjacent finger or toe areas is recommended to prevent the spread of the infection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
vickie k.
Dr Gs

To early to tell only time will tell

Sharon R.
Great product

I’ve used this product before and it’s awesome. It actually does what it says it does.

Lindy C.
Clear Nails

The first bottle I had was very difficult to dispense. This bottle is much easier. Seems to be doing the job

Lori E.

have used this before. easy to use.