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Duo Pack - Dadi' Lotion 236ml + Dadi’Oil Cuticle Oil 14ml

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Dadi' Oil - Cuticle Oil Natural Nail Care certified Organic 95% ~ Naturally better!

What is Luxury Dadi’ Lotion?
It is a quickly penetrating, non-greasy, moisturizing hand
and body lotion based on award-winning Dadi’ Oil.

What does it do?
Our lotion makes skin very happy, soothing and moisturizing with the same alluring aroma of Dadi’ Oil.

Dadi' Oil - 95% Organic Nail Cuticle Conditioner Treatment:

Deliver flexibility, toughness, and shine to the nail and rich moisture to the skin with Dadi Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Aisha-Eli B.
Premium Product

I have been using this product for about 3 years. I stopped using it for about a year and the difference in my skin was crazy. No other hand cream or cuticle oil gives my skin the smoothness and hydration that this does. My cuticles never get dry and hard using this and I am so happy I decided to come back to dadi 😉😂