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Facial Mask Pearl Silver Collagen Voesh

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Facial Mask Pearl Silver Glow Purify Soothe & Nourish the Skin with Collagen

The ultimate SPA Experience anywhere!

The most advanced Professional Gel-Type modeling treatment, single serve to deliver multiple skin benefits in 30 minutes.


* Modeling mask to reveal best skin instantly
* The newest beauty trend with Collagen
* Ultra-nourishing gel-type modeling mask for a party ready skin in minutes
* Transforms from a gel-like substance to a thick rubbery mask that seals moisture deep within
* Made with Pearl, rice and honey extracts to purify and nourish the skin
* No water needed

Facial Modeling Mask Pack Includes:

  • Modeling Gel (1 Sachet)
  • Collagen Powder (1 Sachet).

Simplifying the facial treatment with the Voesh Collagen Modeling Mask.

The newest beauty trend with Collagen, Single serve, ultra nourishing to reveal best skin instantly! Soothe, nourish the skin with Collagen Pearl, rice and honey extracts.

Not only are they becoming part of the beauty routine when it comes to self-care, they are proving the perfect buddy on any salon menu!

Rejuvenate skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles with the beauty of Collagen. Easy to use.

The Voesh Modeling mask is competitively priced, and the results exceed expectations. To add, the Voesh range of instant facial masks simplifies facials, adds to your salon profitability and saves time!

How to use ~ Step-by-Steps ~ Brighten, tighten, detox or nourish ~ whatever your fancies, it's all done in 6 easy steps ~ Demo pictures.

1. Cleanse & Tone
2. Stir & Mix
3. Apply the Magic
4. Shimmer Time!
5. Peel & reveal
6. Glow on!

Easy, convenient and cost effective!

SPAS & SALONS ~ What would the above cost you?

Facial Masks Pack of 10 (box) = $100 ~ That’s $10 each
You can retail the Voesh Collagen Facial Treatment for $30 each or more.

Plus use only what you need. There is no wastage on opening bulk bottles.

Our motto is about making your salon life easier, and you can’t get any easier than this facial service!


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